2013 A. B. Freeman School of Business Honor Roll of Donors


The A. B. Freeman School of Business gratefully acknowledges in the following pages those individuals, corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations that made gifts to the school in fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013). Donors who requested anonymity are not listed.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If you discover an error, please notify Jesse Hartley at 504-862-8477 or jhartle@tulane.edu.

Lifetime Members
$1,000,000 Total Giving

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Burkenroad, Jr.*
Dr. and Mrs. Albert H. Cohen*
Ella West Freeman Foundation
Entergy Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Freeman
Mr. Richard W. Freeman, Jr.
Mr. Richard W. Freeman, Sr.*
Goldring Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goldring*
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goldring
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Greenbaum
Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation, Inc.
Hancock Bank
Mrs. Rosa Freeman Keller*
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Koerner III
The Kresge Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. C. Berdon Lawrence
Lawrence Family Foundation
Levy-Rosenblum Family
Louisiana Board of Regents
Louisiana Coca-Cola Bottling
Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund
Mr. Francis Martin*
Mr. Lawrence W. Martin*
Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Rees
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Reiss, Jr.
The RosaMary Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Milton I. Rosenson*
Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Schmidt*
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Seinsheimer, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Sevin
L. J. Sevin Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Stewart, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Streiffer*
Ms. Lillian Turchin and
Mr. Robert L. Turchin*
Woldenberg Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Woldenberg*



Senior Fellows
$100,000 and above

Anonymous Donors
Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Greenbaum
Hancock Bank
Ms. Dorothy Meyer Kincaid
Mr. Albert R. Lepage
Louisiana Board of Regents
Mr. E. Pierce Marshall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Stewart, Jr.
SWS Group



Dean’s Circle
$25,000 to $99,999

Anonymous Donors
Jeffrey A. Altman Foundation, Inc.
J. Aron Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Sean P. Aron
Mr. Charles L. Atwood
Mrs. Gloria Bienvenu Callais
ExxonMobil Foundation
Goldring Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goldring
The Greater New Orleans Foundation
Mr. Paul L. Howes
KPMG Foundation
Lawrence Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. C. Berdon Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Dana P. Mcilwain
Phillips 66
PricewaterhouseCoopers Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Rees
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Reiss, Jr.



Society Benefactors
$10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous Donors
ARC Products, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Bass, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Allan Bradley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Clawson, Jr.
The Domain Companies
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Charles J. Hanemann III
Mr. and Mrs. Ozgur Karaosmanoglu
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kottler
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lapeyre, Jr.
Timothy and Lee Ann Luing
Mr. Paul V. Messina
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Mills
Ms. Deborah Morin and Mr. John Mackey
Ochsner Health System
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Offenberg
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Mr. Ed Michael Reggie
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Rizzo, Jr.
The Aaron or Peggy Selber Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Peggy Selber and Mr. Aaron Selber, Jr.*
Ms. Patricia L. Stern and Mr. Scott C. Satterwhite
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Swanson
Mr. Bobby M. Viteaux



Society Fellows
$5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous Donors
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Andreasson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Angrist
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz
Barriere Construction Co. LLC
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Boston, Jr.
Carole B. and Kenneth J. Boudreaux Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Boudreaux
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bretz
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl G. Byrd
Capital One Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Carroll, Jr.
Mrs. Helen Pool Chalstrom
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Chasin
Mr. Daniel A. Chasin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Chudacoff
Ms. Jill Cohen and Mr. Michael Savit
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Coleman
The deBart Group
Ms. Debra Blair and
Mr. J. Richard deBart, Jr.
Mrs. Lorna Tiemann Donatone
Mr. James J. Duplessie
Ernst and Young Foundation
Ernst and Young LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Feezer
Fraenkel Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fraenkel II
Mr. Francis L. Fraenkel
Mr. Jeffrey Fraenkel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freeman
Global Hunter Securities
Mr. David Glover*
The Goldstein Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Goldstein
Amy and James Haber Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James Haber
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon J. Hatrel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hopkins
International Matex Tank Terminals
Ironshore Holdings US, Inc.
Jewish Community Foundation of
Greater Kansas City
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Inc.
Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent,
Carrere & Denegre
Yvette and Rick Jones
Mr. Gus Juneau
Mr. Paul M. Kearns
Mr. Richard M. Lerner
Mr. Cullan Maumus
Mr. and Mrs. George B. McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Orihel
The P. and C. Carroll Foundation
Mrs. Katherine Sigardson-Poor and Dr. Curtis Poor
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Rieveschl
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Rios
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Roman
Ms. Shirley Y. Roman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Ryan
J. F. Seinsheimer, Jr. Charitable Foundation
Mr. J. Fellman Seinsheimer III
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Mr. Ari D. Shifman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shifman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Simmons
Mr. Patrick S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stenson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Tilis
United Way of Miami-Dade, Inc.
Drs. Lisa G. Vail and T. Parker Vail
Ms. Vijay Sree Venkatraman and
Mr. Subash B. Pereira
Mr. and Mrs. St. Denis J. Villere
Mr. and Mrs. Adam H. Wallis
Mr. George H. Wilson, Jr.



The Aldrich Society

The Morton A. Aldrich Society, named after the Freeman School’s first dean, was established in 1984 and recognizes the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty and friends who donate $1,500 or more to the Freeman School within a single year.

  • Lifetime Member $1,000,000+
  • Senior Fellow $100,000+
  • Dean’s Circle $25,000+
  • Society Benefactor $10,000+
  • Society Fellow $5,000+
  • Society Ambassador $2,500+
  • Society Member $1,500+

Unrestricted gifts of $1,500 or more also qualify a donor for the Tulane Associates program. For more information about joining the Aldrich Society, please contact Jesse Hartley at 504-862-8477 or jhartle@tulane.edu..


Society Ambassadors
$2,500 to $4,999

Anonymous Donors
Dr. and Mrs. Scot N. Ackerman
Bank of America Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stacey M. Berger
The Berman Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua S. Blaine
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Blum
Mr. William R. Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Brands
Canal Barge Company, Inc.
Combined Jewish Philanthropies
Consolidated Resource Management, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Cooney
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Crawford IV
Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Crowson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Darden
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Delgado, Jr.
Deloitte Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Frapart
Goldman, Sachs and Company
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gregorio
Mr. Charles D. Grote
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jacobson
Jewish Endowment Foundation
JFK Capital Advisors LLC
Kahn Education Foundation
KDC Platform, LLC
Mr. Hardee C. Kilgore III
Dr. Rosemary Kozar and Dr. Brent King
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Klenz
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Kline
Mr. Sean M. Kozar-King
Ms. Kerry A. Krisher and Mr. John Foley
Mr. and Mrs. R. Perry Leslie
Louisiana Public Facilities Authority
Mr. James H. Low, Jr.
Mr. David P. Madden
Mrs. Lisa A. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Mondragon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mouton
The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.
Mark and Nancy Oswald
Mr. Matthew W. Pellows
Al Petrie Investor and Media Relations, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rabinowitz
Ms. Kara J. Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Rosenberg
Sallie A. Scanlan, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Schiff
Mr. Justin L. Schiff
Mr. William H. Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Thome
Ms. Lillian Turchin and
Mr. Robert L. Turchin*
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Wolofsky
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney S. Yanker


Aldrich Society Brunch

A jazz brunch was held at Dean Ira Solomon’s home on Sunday, April 29, to recognize members of the Aldrich Society. The event included brief presentations by Dean Solomon, who shared his vision for the Freeman School, and Prof. Peter Ricchiuti, who gave an update on the Burkenroad Reports program.

A jazz brunch was held at Dean Ira Solomon’s home on Sunday, April 29, to recognize members of the Aldrich Society. Dean Solomon shared his vision for Freeman, and Prof. Peter Ricchiuti gave an update on the Burkenroad Reports program. Pictured above, Melinda and James Carter (MBA ’74),

Melinda and James Carter (MBA ’74).


Lee Bressler (A&S ’81, MBA ’82), Rick Rees (A&S ’74, MBA ’75), and Bob Kottler (BSM ’81, MBA ’83).

Lee Bressler (A&S ’81, MBA ’82), Rick Rees (A&S ’74, MBA ’75), and Bob Kottler (BSM ’81, MBA ’83).


Society Members
$1,500 to $2,499

Anonymous Donors
Adams and Reese LLP
Mr. Srinivas N. Akunuri
J. W. Allen and Company, Inc.
Mrs. Ruth Knighton Atkins
Auto-Chlor Services, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Barnum III
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Barrish
Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt Bauguss
Mr. James B. Bauguss
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Bertrand
Bourgeois, Bennett, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Bressler
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Bronston
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Brown
Ms. Amy M. Brumfield
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Bubes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Carson
Chaffe and Associates, Inc.
Chevron Chemical Company
Mr. Bryant B. Cohen
Connolly Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Cornelius
Devall Towing & Boat Service of Hackberry, Inc.
Mr. Jesse W. Devlyn
Diversified Group, LLC
Mr. Thomas J. Donovan
Mr. David Etheridge
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Farmer
Mr. Andrew H. Feinman and
Ms. Mary Van Hoomissen
Financial Analysts of New Orleans
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Ford
Freeport-McMoRan Foundation
The Giardina Family Foundation
Mr. Andrew G. Goltzer
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Goltzer
Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell Harp
Mr. James C. Hendricks
Mr. and Mrs. B. Scott Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mitchell Hosman
Ms. Meriel E. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Ihnot
John D. Becker and Associates, Inc.
Mr. Marc Charles Jonas
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin E. Jones
Robert H. Kahn, Jr. Family Foundation
Mr. Robert H. Kahn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keepers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kincaid
Laitram, LLC
Landis Construction Co. LLC
Ms. G.F. Gay LeBreton and
Mr. James P. Farwell
Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Lewis
Locke Lord LLP
Louisiana Yogurt, LLC – Prytania
Dr. and Mrs. James W. McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Mendelson
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mimeles
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Moreton III
Morgan Keegan and Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Motta
Mary E. Peters and Robert W. Polchow
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Polchow
Port of New Orleans
Dr. and Mrs. Scott L. Portnoy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Price
Wm. B. Reily & Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Ricchiuti
Mr. and Mrs. F. Kelleher Riess
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Riviere
Ronnie and Jerrold Rosenbaum Family
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Schemel
Ms. Lee Anne Sciambra
Ms. Olga Shagdar
Ms. G. Holly Sharp and
Mr. Geoffrey P. Snodgrass
Mr. and Mrs. Yoram Shemesh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Silverberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Somadelis
Ms. Lynn Renee Stair
Stanley, Reuter, Ross, Thornson and
Alford, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Ira S. Taub
Mr. Xiaodong Tian
Tidewater, Inc.
Ms. Carolina Thompson-Trapani and
John M. Trapani III, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robbert W. Vorhoff
Walker Automotive
Mr. and Mrs. W. Foster Walker III
Wall Street Transcript
Weinmann Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. J. Giffen Weinmann, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Wetz
Mr. J. Bradley Whitcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Williamson



Freeman 50 Champagne Toast

The Freeman 50 hosted its annual champagne toast to graduating
full-time MBA students on May 3. Chris Williams (MBA ’11),
current president of the Freeman 50, was on hand to congratulate
the students for their successful completion of the program and
discuss how alumni can continue to serve in vital support roles for
the Freeman School. The event culminated with a toast by Russ
Robins, professor of management science, and a class picture.




Freeman Donors
$500 to $1,499

Anonymous Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Juan J. Acevedo
Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Adams, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Almeida
Mr. Ian Arnof
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Arrigo
The Ruth and Edward Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Austin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Barr
Mr. Clarence J. Barrios
Beacon Investment Management, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Berghuis
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Bern
Michael A. Bernstein, Ph.D. and
Ms. Patti Harp
Mr. Aaron W. Bernstien
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Berzon
Ms. Rachel L. Berzon
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. Sagar R. Bhimavarapu
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Blasini
Mr. Marc A. Bonifacic
The Gusti Brandt Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Z. Brandt
Mr. Douglas R. Brien
Ms. Margaret W. Brooke
Ms. Robin Beal Bumstead
Ms. Dervin M. Cabassa
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Callagan
Mr. Tony J. Campbell
Mr. James Christopher Carroll
Mr. Benjamin D. Casey
Mr. Christopher Casey
Chadwick Family Foundation, LLC
Mr. Winslow J. Chadwick, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Black Chaffe III
Chase Investment Counsel Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Cloud
The Coca-Cola Foundation
Mr. Andrew I. Cohen
The Community Foundation
of Shreveport
Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Cook
Corporate Realty, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Crowder
Bruce and Robin Crutcher
Dardis Couvillon and Associates,
Mr. and Mrs. C. Barnes Darwin II
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. DePaul
Ms. Valerie E. Depiro
Dr. and Mrs. Hemang A. Desai
Deutsche Bank Americas
Mr. Joseph A. Devall
Ms. Jessica R. Donnelly
Dubow Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. DuBow
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Dunbar
EPL Oil & Gas, Inc.
EPR Properties
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Feingold
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferman
Financial Planning Association FPA
of Gulf State
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Y. Fishman
Mr. James E. Fitzmorris, Jr.
Mr. George C. Francisco IV
Georges Enterprises, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Gersten
Gifted Nurses, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Giraud III
Goldman Sachs Foundation
Mrs. Carol B. Good
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gorman
The Gradison Foundation
Mr. Willis D. Gradison, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Graves II
Mr. Douglas M. Grills
Mr. Gregory K. Grove
Mr. David W. Grzebinski
The Guardian Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Gunst
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hanudel
Mrs. Mildred Foley Hawkshead
Mrs. Maile Gradison Hermida
Mr. Alex Hernandez
Ms. Jean L. Hertzman
Colonel and Mrs. John
C. Hildebrand, Jr.
Hotel 360, LLC
Houston Jewish Community
Mr. William L. Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. Chris J. Jablonowski
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jarach
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Jeremiah, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Joel II
Mr. and Mrs. Owen L. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Claudia Zeldin and
Mr. Daniel Katzner
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Kent
Kirby Inland Marine, Inc.
Ms. Shannon C. Kirkpatrick
Ms. Andrea W. Kislan
M. Klebanoff Foundation
Mrs. Merle Paul Klebanoff
Mr. John J. Klee
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Klein
Ms. Kristen E. Koch
Koerner Capital Corporation
Mr. Allen B. Koltun, CPA*
Mrs. Fleurette L. Koltun
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot S. Koolik
Mr. Michael Krupa
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Ladden
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Lawrence, Jr.
Ms. Laura A. Leach and
Mr. Richard Lawrence
Mr. Donald H. Leblanc Jr.
Ms. Rebecca E. Leet
Bradley L. Limmer, M.D.*
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ralph Linn III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Liu
Loop, LLC
LUBA Casualty Insurance Company
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lumpkin
Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn V. Lunn, Jr.
Mr. Edward W. Machir
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mathews
Mr. John E. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Mayer
McGlinchey Stafford, PLLC
Mrs. Rose Hirsch McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McIntyre
Mr. Brian McKenney
Mr. and Mrs. Brad L. Mendelson
Metairie Bank and Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Meyer
Mr. M. John Meyer
Mr. Peter J. Michel
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller
Ms. Natalie Miranda and
Mr. Craig S. Kramer
The J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Lonnie Moskow
Ms. Hajdi Mostic
Mr. David A. Neibart
Neill Corporation
Mrs. Trudy Waguespack Nelson
New Orleans Saints
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson R. Nichols
Ms. Kathryn R. Nieland
Mr. Robert W. Noel
North Armenia Medical Center
Olson Aluminum Castings
Mr. and Mrs. Tad L. Olson
Mr. Ronald D. Ondechek, Jr.
Mr. James M. O’Neill, Jr. and
Dr. Lynn B. O’Neill
Mrs. Marie Delsa O’Neill
Out of the Box Foundation
Mrs. Kathleen K. Parker
Mr. Edward I. Peal
Petroquest Energy, LLC
Mrs. Emily Hamilton Pillars
PIMCO Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Polishook
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Poole
Ms. Brenda Price
Mr. Christopher S. Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Pulitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rabkin
Ms. Elizabeth Rader
Mr. Noel M. Rando, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Raposo
Mr. Nathaniel D. Razza
Regions Financial Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Restina
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Riskin
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Rodenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Roehr
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ronn
Dr. and Mrs. Todd Kenneth
Mrs. Carla Ross and Mr. Greg Bohn
Mr. David E. Ruiz
Mr. Marc Sabransky
Sanderson Farms, Inc.
Ms. Susan E. Schaefer
Ms. Kelly S. Schexnaildre
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Schweber
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Seymour, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shepard
Shlenker Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Shlenker III
Mr. and Mrs. Kanwal J. Singh
Ms. Susan M. Singh
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Slosberg
Mr. and Mrs. Christy H. L. Smith
Mrs. Lottie Lee Smith
South Coast Solar
Mr. Thomas E. Sova
Standard Mortgage Corporation
Ms. Andrea J. Pennisi and
Mr. Paul W. Stephenson
Stewart Services, Inc.
Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann
Superior Energy Services, Inc.
Mr. Noah E. Suzar
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. D. Teetsel
Thibodaux Regional Medical Center
Mr. and Ms. Michael C. Thom
Mr. John A. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Scott Thomas
Mr. Gregory A. Thurnher
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Tuz
Universal Personnel
Mrs. Michele Wink Vignes
Mr. Barry J. Vinson
Mrs. Lynn Wallis
Mr. William P. Waltman
Mr. Jonathan L. Warkentin


In Memoriam
Robert L. Turchin (BBA ’43)
Feb. 22, 1922–Feb. 14, 2013

Robert-TurchinThe A. B. Freeman School of Business lost one of its most dedicated friends
and supporters in February with the death of Robert L. Turchin. A native
of New York City, Bob Turchin grew up in the Miami Beach area. He
attended Tulane University, where he ran track and field and played varsity
football. Following his graduation, he joined the United States Navy and
saw action in some of the most significant battles of World War II, including
the Normandy Invasion. He married his wife, the former Lillian Athey,
between Navy deployments, and after the war the couple settled in Miami
Beach. Turchin initially went to work for his father in hotel management
but soon became involved in the construction business, working on a number of apartment building projects. In 1949, he founded Robert L. Turchin Inc., which would become one of the most respected construction companies in the country. Turchin served on numerous boards and civic committees in Miami Beach, including serving as a member of the Miami Beach City Council, but he always had a warm spot in his heart for Tulane University. In 1986 the Freeman School’s Turchin Business Library was named in honor of Robert and Lillian Turchin, and in 1991 Tulane dedicated its baseball facility, Turchin Stadium, in honor of the Turchins, who spearheaded the drive to build the facility. Turchin was an emeritus member of the Board of Tulane, and he served on both the President’s Council and the Business School Council. In 1983, Turchin received the Freeman School’s Outstanding Alumnus Award for his generosity and support. Turchin is survived by his wife of 68 years, Lillian, and five children, their spouses, and nine grandchildren.


Dr. Casilda I. Hermo-Weiler and
Dr. Thomas J. Weiler
Mr. Michael R. Weinrobe, CPA
Wells Fargo Foundation Educ.
Matching Gift Program
Mr. Thomas Wilkin
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Williams
Mr. Erroll G. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wineman
Mr. Felipe B. Woll
Xerox Corporation
Mr. Lance B. Young
The Zeldin Family Foundation



$1 to $499

321, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ackerman
Mr. Justin K. Adendorff
Mr. and Mrs. William Herman Adler
Mr. Grant M. Adolph
Ms. Whitney Aerenson
Mrs. Dawn Boyer Aguero
Mr. Juan C. Aguirre
Ms. Dawn Marie Aitch
Ms. Selma A. Alamin
Mr. and Mrs. Gaetano Alario
Mr. James O. Allen
Dr. Richard Allen
Mr. Ahmed O. Almassry
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Althans, Jr.
Mr. Thomas J. Altman
American Express Foundation
Ameriprise Financial
Ms. Emilia B. Anderson
Mr. Kevan M. Anderson
Mr. Richard C. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Andry
Mr. David N. Antokal
Aon Foundation
Linda M. Argote, Ph.D. and
Dennis Epple, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Shae D. Armstrong
AT&T Foundation
Mr. Michael G. Atwater
Mrs. Linda S. Atzil
David L. August, M.D.
Mrs. Peggy Augustine
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Autry
Dr. Elizabeth and Mr. Stephan Avena
Mr. and Ms. Lawrence F. Babst, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Bennet Baer
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Bairnsfather
Mr. Paul E. Baker, Jr.
Mr. Gilbert T. Baligad
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Ballen
Ms. Siyao Bao
Baptist Community Ministries
Mr. Gustavo Baptista
Ms. Sabine Baptiste
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Barbe, Jr.
Mr. Willis M. Barber, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Barnes
Ms. Leah A. Bartell
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Barton
Mr. Frank M. Basile
Bassett Family Retail Group
Mr. Keith S. Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Batchelor
Mr. Drake J. Bathke
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Bathke
Mr. and Mrs. Julian H. Baumann, Jr.
Ms. Ruth Baxter
Mr. Matthew H. Beeby
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Behrendt
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Bell
Ms. Erynn M. Bell
Ms. Lucy Elba R. Bell
Mrs. Jennifer Hanley-Benjamin
and Mr. Jack C. Benjamin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Benoit
Mr. Stephen W. Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Besler
Mrs. Victoria Condolff Bevenour
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Bitterwolf
Mr. and Mrs. Brian B. Bittner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bives IV
Blackwell Foundation Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blackwell
Mr. Rock A. Blanco
Ms. Andrea D. Blanco-Durango
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A.
Blankenship, Sr.
Mr. E. Christian Blessey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Blocher
Mark W. Bloom, M.D.
Mr. Morris A. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bloomfield
Mr. Garrett C. Bludau
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Blumstein
The Honorable and Mrs. Steven
R. Blust
Mrs. Suzanne Morris and
Mr. Erik Boas
Mr. Anthony J. Bodin
Dr. and Mrs. H. James Boisseau
Mr. and Ms. Jared L. Boneno
Mrs. Dorothy Krogh Boquet
Mr. Johnny P. Boquet*
Mr. David C. Bordes
Mr. Sam Corenswet and
Ms. Jane B. Bories
Mr. and Mrs. Marion F. Borowiecki
Mr. Yves Bouillet
Ms. Sarah J. Boyce
Mr. Andrew C. Brain
Mr. Alex R. Brands
Mr. Kevin Bratcher
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Braun
Mr. P. Scott Brayton
Ms. Marina Brazhnikova
Ms. Angela L. Breffeilh
Mr. Adrian Bregnard
Mr. Sylvain R. Brigant
Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Broad
Mr. Frank H. Brown, Jr.
Mr. J. Lee Brown, Jr.
Mr. Saul C. Brown
Mr. John E. Buckwalter
Mr. Philip R. Bulliard
Mr. James J. Buquet III
Ms. Margaret L. Burdeno
Mr. Michael P. Burkardt
Mrs. Mary Lawson Burton
Ms. Olga L. Bustamante Aristizabal
Mrs. Alicia C. Butler Pierre
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Calhoun
The Capital Group Companies, Inc.
Ms. Lauren D. Caplan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brian Carberry
Mr. Lane A. Carson
Mr. Christopher B. Carter
Ms. Carole H. Bellis and
Mr. John R. Carvell
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Carver
Mr. Thomas M. Castagna
Mr. Rodrigo Castro Foulkes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Caverly
Mr. Ryan E. Caylor
Ms. Lory E. Cenac
Dr. Rita and Mr. Fredric Chaiken
Mr. Ruu-Kwang Chang
Chaparral Foundation
Charles Schwab Foundation
Mrs. Carolyn Stortstrom Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Chauvin
Mr. Rajesh Chelapurath
Ms. Li Chen
Ms. Yifan Chen
Mr. Xiangwu Cheng
Chevron Humankind Program
Mr. Michael J. Chiappa
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Chilian
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Christensen
Ms. Ling-Tzu Chu
Mr. Kubilay Cirik
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Clapp
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Clark
Ms. Janet A. Long and
Mr. Daniel D. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler H. Clark III
Ms. Nancy L. Claypool
Mr. Marvin A. Clement
Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Clemmons
Brigadier General James
Boehringer Cobb
Ms. Alexis M. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley B. Cohen
Mrs. Lisa Bornstein Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Colina
Ms. Jennifer N. Collet
Mr. Dwight B. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Collins
Ms. Melissa A. Comeaux
Christopher J. Comfort, D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
L. Conoscenti
Colonel Bernard J. Conroy,
USA (Ret.)*
Mrs. Joan M. Conroy
Mr. Tracy L. Thomas Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cooper IV
Mr. Andrew M. Cooper
Mr. Dewey W. Corley
Mrs. Gigi Corley
Mr. Maximiliano Correa
Mr. James T. Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Cox III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cozzone
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Crabtree
Mrs. Nancy C. Crair
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Cranston
Mr. and Mrs. Randall A. Crenshaw
Mrs. Vicki Rosenberg Crisalli
Ms. Lisa E. Cristal and
Mr. Bruce S. Cybul
Cullen Investment Group, LTD
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Culpepper
Ms. Joanna Rose Curran
Ms. Xu Dai
Ms. Jessica R. Dallager
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Dalton, Jr.
Ms. Donna A. Damico
Mr. Richard Pollock and
Ms. Sandra Danburg
Ms. Judith W. Daniel and
Mr. David M. Olmsted
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Dares
Mr. Christopher E. Darmand
Mrs. Penny M. Dastugue
Mr. Charles Reems Daul
Mr. Christopher J. Davis
Mr. John M. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Omer C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. de Mille
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Deitelzweig
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Delcolle
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Desmon
Mr. Stephen P. Devall
Mr. Harshit Devpura
Ms. Clarice L. DeWitt
Ms. Laura J. Dickson
Col. (Ret) Richard P. Diehl
Mr. Raphael S. DiGrado
Ms. Blake C. DiMarco
Mr. and Mrs. William Dionisio
Mr. Sean Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Donnelly
Mr. William S. Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Doughtie
Ms. Margaret Young Douglass
Mr. Douglas S. Downing
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Dresner
Mr. James T. Dugan, Jr.
Mr. Marcus K. Duhon
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Duncan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Dunn
Ms. Elizabeth C. Duplantier
Mrs. Glen D. Eagan
Mr. and Mrs. B. Curtis Eaves
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond R. Eberle, Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey D. Eckerling
Edison International
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E.
Edmundson III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ehrenreich
Mr. Ahmed M. El Zeneini
Eldorado Hair Replacement Center
Products, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Ellis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Epstein
Mr. Julian S. Epstein
Equilibria, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett Erasmous
Mr. William W. Erwin
Mr. Craig E. Ethier
Mr. Bruce S. Evans
Mr. Roberto Facundus
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Fall
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Farless
Mr. Brett A. Farley
Mr. Donald C. Faust, Jr.
Mr. David L. Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Parker Ferguson
Mr. Jared S. Finegold
Ms. Jenna L. Finegold
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Finerty
Mrs. Catherine S. Finn
Mr. and Mrs. James Fisackerly, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fischgrund
Mrs. Vivienne G. Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Delos E. Flint, Jr.
Ms. Ashleigh B. Flower
Dr. Karen and Mr. Henry Foust
Mr. and Mrs. Hardy B. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Frank, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Frank
Mr. Lewis S. Frank
Mr. Adam M. Freedman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Freel, Jr.
Ms. Elizabeth Freudmann
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Friedlander
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Fulton
Mr. Spencer J. Gagnet
Mr. and Mrs. V. Allen Gale
Ms. Hanna L. Gamble


Ricchiuti Quote


Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon J. Ganis
Ms. Hangmei Gao
Ms. Amy R. Garrick
Dr. and Mrs. Vladimir A. Gatchev
Mr. Peter J. Gauthier
Mr. Emmet W. Geary, Jr.
Mrs. Kay Anderson Genua
Mr. Clifford B. Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Germack III
Mr. Patrick R. Germain
Mr. Bobby L. German, Jr.
Mr. William H. Gibbons
Mr. Arthur K. Gibson
Mrs. Roma de Lucas Gibson
Law Offices Smith E. Gilley
Mr. Smith E. Gilley
Mr. Christopher R. Giveans
Ms. Meredith Glassberg
Mr. Bradley P. Glassman
Mr. William A. Glenn
Mr. Michael P. Glennon
Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Glosserman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Gnutti
Mr. and Mrs. Marc E. Gold
Mr. Garett S. Goldberg
Mr. Andrew M. Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Goldman
Mr. Nicolas A. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Good
Mrs. Pauline Jones Goodgame
Google, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Grafft
Mr. and Mrs. Ford F. Graham
Mr. Stephen M. Grantham
Mr. Martin Greenblatt
Mr. Glenn M. Greff
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Griffin
Mr. James B. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Grillot
Mr. Stephen J. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Grossman
Ms. Jennifer M. Groves
Ms. Jingjie Gu
Mr. Xinle Gu and Ms. Srisakul
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Guarino
Mr. Lawrence J. Guichard
Ms. Han Guo
Mr. Varun Kumar Gurusamy
Ms. Lauren R. Gutterman
Ms. Lin Ha
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hadden II
Mrs. Kara Jardine Hall
Mr. Robert L. Hall
Ms. Allyson R. Halperin
Mr. Craig N. Hamburg
Mr. Jason Hamilton
Ms. Katherine Glennon Hanemann
The Harris Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Darylene S. Harris
Mr. Michael L. Harris
Ms. Susan L. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Harrison
Ms. Jessica Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Haupt
Mr. J. Gary Hauser
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Haverkemp
Mr. and Mrs. C. Peck Hayne, Sr.
Ms. Shan He
Mr. Terrance F. Henderson
Commander Marion F. Hendrix,
USN (Ret.)
Mr. Timothy J. Henry, Jr.
Mr. Warren T. Herring
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Herron
Mr. and Mrs. Adam L. Hershey
Andrea J. Heuson-Sharp, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Hill
Mr. John B. C. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Hinckley III
Ms. Alexis R. Hitchner
Ms. Mary Hoffman
Mr. Michael F. Holland
Honeywell International
Charity Matching
Ms. Kathleen R. Hopely
Captain Robert Hopper, USMC
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Horton
Colonel and Mrs. John C. House
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Howell
Mr. Ethan Howze
Ms. Holly R. Howez
Mr. and Mrs. William J.
Hrapmann, Jr.
Mr. Yu Huang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hubbard
Mr. James A. Humphreys, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Hutchinson
Mr. Saul Hyatt
IBM International Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Intrater
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Isaacs
Mr. Timur Ivannikov
Mr. Taggart D. Jacklin
Mr. Sanjay Jaggi
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Jago
Mr. E. Charles Jalenak
Ms. Susan L. Jannetta
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew P. Jasinski
Frank Jaster, Ph.D.
Mr. Varun Jaswal
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E.T. Jensen
Jewish Foundation of Memphis
Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick G. Johnson
Mr. Ian S. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Jordan
Mrs. Helen F. Josephic
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jury
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kajdi
Ms. Tessa J. Kajdi
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Kampen, Jr.
Mr. Nuttapol Kamsaeng
Ms. Jinglin Kang
Ms. Rachael B. Kansas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kantrow
Mr. Mitchel C. Karam
Ms. Dwi Kartikasari
Sharon L. Kasdin, M.D.
Ms. Johanna S. Kasper
Mrs. Doris Emma DePaoli Kauder*
William F. Kauder, Jr., Ph.D.
Kay Genua Designs
Mr. Hugh P. Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kelly
Ms. Kay E. Kennerty
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Kern
Mr. Thomas J. Kern
Mr. and Mrs. David Kirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Kirsch
Mr. Kory B. Klebanoff
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Kleehammer
Mr. Christopher S. Kletecka
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Klingensmith
Mrs. Jane Lee Klingmeyer
Mr. Jeremy S. Knobel
Mr. and Mrs. E. James Kock III
Elena J. Koepke, M.D.
Mr. John E. Koerner, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Parker E. Koerner
Mr. Vineel Kumar Reddy Kondasani
Mr. Elliott J. Wiener and
Ms. Nicole F. Kotler
Mrs. Tanya Kozel
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Kreditor
Mr. Christoph E. Krey
Mr. Vignesh Krishnan
Ms. Xinxuan Kuang
Mr. Edward D. Kurth
Mr. Prassanth Lakshminarasimhan
Ms. Palmer Lambert
Mr. and Ms. John Lamberti
Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Lampeter
Ms. Amy Meredith Lang
Mrs. Florence Baldwin Langford
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. LaRose
Mr. Brian N. Lawrence
Mrs. Judith M. Lazar
Mr. Dusan O. Lazarov
Ms. Marta M. Lazovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Lefkovitz
Ms. Huihua Lei
Mrs. Kathryn Shirkey Leithead
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Letellier, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Corey D. Lev
Mr. and Mrs. Ben D. Levitt
Mr. Damon P. Levy
Mr. Ronald J. Levy
Ms. Hui Li
Ms. Qingying Li
Mr. Yihao Li
Ms. Alice F. Lian
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Lilly
Mr. Garry B. Lindboe
LinkedIn Matching Gifts Programs
Mr. Baochen Liu
Ms. Lin Liu
Ms. Xiaoou Liu
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mr. Milton J. Loeb, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. G. King Logan II
Mrs. Lauren King Lorentson
Ms. Christie L. Loughnane
Mr. Ben Louviere, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney F. Love
Ms. Marie Lowman
Mr. Jeffrey Lubitz
Mr. William B. Luciano, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Yon L. Salas
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lutenbacher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lyman
The Lyon Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Lyon
Mr. Scott R. Lyon
Macaluso and Vignes
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Macaluso IV
Mrs. Annette Leah Macari
Mr. Jerry B. Mack
Mr. Kurt H. Maddern
Mrs. Emily Mitchell Madero
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Madigan
Mr. Michael S. Maffe
Mr. John E. Magee, Jr.
Commander and Mrs. Steven
M. Main
Mr. Thomas W. Malatesta
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Mani III
Mr. Gustave A. Manthey, Sr.
Mr. Ari G. Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Lanny K. Marks
Marsh, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Martel
Mr. Michael T. Martel
Ms. Adelaide W. Martin
Mr. Philip A. Masquelette
Mass Mutual Financial Group
Mr. Bradley N. Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Mathis
Ms. Alyssa A. Maurice-Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
Mr. William L. Mayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Thomas Mays
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn M. McCormack
Mr. David S. McCracken
Mr. and Mrs. David K. McDuffie
Ms. Mari-Kate McEntee
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGinn
Mr. and Mrs. Warren McGoldrick
Mr. Jacob M. McLain
Mr. Norman W. McLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. McStravick
Mr. Augustine Meaher IV
Mr. David S. Meale
Ms. Brittany A. Meckelborg
Mr. David R. Meek
Mr. Zhuoye Mei
Mrs. Susan Hohnsbeen and
Mr. Robert Melikian
Mr. Matthew J. Mendelson
Mrs. Nancy M. Mendelson
Mr. Luis E. Mendez Navas
Mr. Adrian Mendez
Mr. Michael J. Mendrys
Mr. Joe D. Meszaros
Mr. Simon Mexic
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Mezzanotte, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen J. Mezzanotte
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mrs. Maria R. Middleton
Lieutenant Commander Robert
D. Middleton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Miester
Carlo J. Milani, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey H. Milhous
Mrs. Alison Paul Miller
Mr. Daniel Miller
Mr. Eric W. Milner
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Miner
Mr. Thomas B. Minette
Mr. Charles G. Mitchell, Jr.
Ms. Joy P. Moglia
Mr. Vinay Mohan
Mr. Joseph C. Montejo
Montgomery Ventures, Limited
Mr. and Mrs. Levere
C. Montgomery, Jr.
Morgan Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Lee T. Morphis
Mr. James D. Morrell
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Morris
Mrs. Emily Myers Morrison
Mr. Craig J. Morrissey
Mr. Bradley J. Morse
Ms. Ashley King Morton
Mr. Robert C. Morton II
Mrs. Anne Vineta Mrok-Smith
Multisports, Inc.
Mr. Don H. Murdock
Mr. Mark L. Murdock
Professor James T. Murphy and
Mrs. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Nachman
Ms. Nicole H. Nadel
Ms. Bridget D. Nalley
Mr. Michael A. Nash-Lundberg
National Philanthropic Trust
Ms. Lauren A. Nelson
Mr. Richard W. Nelson
Mr. David A. Nettle
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Neuburger
Ms. Sarah Hillendahl Newby
Robert T. Newsom, Ph.D.
Mr. and Ms. Alvin Nichols, Jr.
Mark E. Nicol Family Trust
Mr. Mark E. Nicol
Mr. Harry Nimmergut
Ms. Sabrina S. Mannai and
Mr. Porter H. Nolan
Mr. Nathaniel A. Novak
NRG Global Giving
Ms. Jacquelyn N. Obert
Christopher P. O’Brien, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Brien
Mr. Keegan C. O’Brien
Dr. Vanessa and Mr. Robert Ohmes
Sumiye Okubo, Ph.D.
Ms. Catherine C. Olgaard
Mr. William C. Oliver
Ms. Lindsay Montfort Oman
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Oreck
Ms. Maria O’Reilly Attolini
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson N. Peck, Jr.
Mr. Vishal Pacheriwala
Ms. Courtney C. Packard
Mr. Richard T. Page
Ms. Leah V. Paller
Pan American Life Insurance
Mr. Stephen Pastor
Mr. Shalin M. Patel
Mrs. Jacqueline Pawloff
Payden and Rygel
Mr. Jordan T. Pearson
Ms. Megan Peck
Penn Mutual Life Insurance
Perelson Weiner LLP
Mr. Jairo F. Perez, CPA
Mr. Ryan M. Perfit
Mr. Mark A. Perlmutter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Peterson
Ms. Leah A. Peterson
Ms. Anastasia Petri
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Pettit
Ms. Mai D. Phan
Phillips Petroleum Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Colen
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pielet
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pierce, Sr.
Dr. Ross A. Pine
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pinover
Mr. and Mrs. Clive D. Pinsker
Mrs. Stacy M. Friedman Pinsker
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Pizzolato
Mr. Jeremy A. Platt
Mr. Zachery C. Poche
Mr. Thomas M. Poe
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Pohl
Ms. Andrea H. Poldoian
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Poldoian
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Ponthier
Ms. Rebekah F. Pool
Ms. Felecia A. Poree
Mr. Erik Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Powers
Mr. Ravi Prakash
Dr. Christina G. Propst and
Mr. Tristan Ernest Propst
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Pujol
Ms. Meitong Qu
Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Dangerfield Quay
Mr. and Mrs. Saul L. Rachelson II
Major General and Mrs. Joseph
Raffiani, Jr., USA (Ret.)
Mr. John C. Randolph
Mr. John T. Rassier, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Rawls
Mr. Rohit Rayudu
The RDW Group, Inc.
Mrs. Kathryn Walsh and
Mr. Daniel S. Reale
Mr. Matthew D. Redlitz
Professor and Mrs. William
A. Reese, Jr.
Mr. Sayyed S. Rehman
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot A. Reinfeld
Mr. and Ms. Tyler J. Rench
Mr. Mark Rentschler
Dr. Elizabeth and Mr. Peter Richards
Dr. Barbara S. and Mr. Herb
Mr. Edward W. Rider
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Lubel
Ms. Elizabeth A. Riviere
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rivkin
Ms. Claire M. Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Roberts
Mr. Edward W. Roberts
Mr. Edwin E. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Roberts
Mr. Martin L. Roberts
Mr. Barrett T. Robin
Ms. Melissa Roddy
Mr. J. Darren Rodgers
Ms. Carolina Rogoll
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Roman
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
M. Rosamond III
Ms. Cindy Klegar Rosenberg
Ms. Alexa L. Rosenfeld
Mr. Jonathan A. Rosman
Ross-Merrell Associates
Mr. John L. Rotonti, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Jonathan R. Rovick
Dr. and Mrs. Jan B. Rozen
Mr. Randall M. Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Ruch
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Russ
Ms. Melissa B. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Russello
Mr. Paul F. Sacher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Saer
Mr. Howard G. Safer
Mr. Sebastian Saldarriaga
Salesforce.com Foundation
Mr. Danilo A. Salinas Baldizon
Mr. Mark S. Sallinger
Mr. Ryan J. Saloom
Mrs. Cristina Avello Sammataro
Mr. Michael M. Sander
Mr. Avijit Kumar Sarkar
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Saslawsky
Mr. Ryan J. Sasson
Saul Brown Attorney at Law
Mr. Henry J. Scarton
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schaps
Mr. Andrew J. Scharf
Mr. John C. Scharfenberg, Jr.
Mr. Mark D. Scharre
Mr. Evan M. Scheele
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Scheffy
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Schilling
Ms. Janet L. Schinderman
Mr. Clayton H. Schmidt
Mr. John L. Schmidt
Mr. Michael G. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schoellkopf
Sarrah Eloise Schoenewald
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Schwaeber
Mr. Harlan M. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Schwartz
Mr. Bushnell C. Seavey
Ms. Michelle K. Secor
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Secor, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Seelig
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Seiferth
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Sewell
Ms. Wenqi Shangguan
Mr. Jingran Shao
Mr. Aaron L. Shapiro
Mr. Gregg A. Shapiro and
Mrs. Lauren S. Shapiro
Ms. Katherine V. Sharp
Mrs. Maude Saunders Sharp
Mrs. Debra Ann Hoffman and
Mr. Wiley H. Sharp III
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Sher
Mr. Stephen F. Shute
Mr. Taft S. Sibley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Siegel
Stephanie A. Sikes, Ph.D.
Mr. John C. Silbernagel III
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar H. Silvey
Mr. Austin C. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Simon
Ms. Catherine M. Simoneaux
Mr. and Mrs. Jules E. Simoneaux, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Stanley Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Kuldeep Singh
Ms. Sunita H. Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sipple
Mr. Michael J. Sison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Skapura
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Skrobarcek
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Skutch
Mr. Colin F. Slaybaugh
Mr. Michael E. Slemp
Mr. Samuel W. Smith, III
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Smith
Mr. Cameron B. Smith
Mr. Jay M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald H. Smith, Jr.
Mr. Albin J. Soares
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Solomon
Mrs. Holly Houston Sommer
Janet W. Sommerville, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Sparacello
Mrs. Sherri Miller Spector
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey O. Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Spierer
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Spruill
Stanley R. Hinckley CPA
Mr. and Mrs. David Staub
Mrs. Angela DeForge Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Stern
Dr. and Mrs. Allen H. Stern
Mrs. Carolyn G. Stolz
Mrs. Sandra Finkelstein Stone
Mr. William A. Streff III
Mr. Jon D. Strieby
Mr. Rafael A. Suarez Quiroga
Mr. Benjamin C. Sullivan
SunTrust Bank Inc.
Mr. David Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Talley
Mr. Gary Tang
Mr. Liang Tao
Mr. Frank A. Tapparo
Mr. Peter M. Tarasevich
Mr. Terrence L. Tarver
Ms. Sarah A. Taurman
TCF Business Development
Gregory S. Tendrich, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell K. Thal
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Mr. Joseph M. Thomas
Ms. Johnnie Thompson
The Thorne Foundation
Mr. Landon K. Thorne III
Mr. James M. Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Thornton
Mr. William T. Thorpe
Mr. Richard D. Ticktin
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Tiktin
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Tilton
Mr. Holland Timmins III
Mr. Thomas T. Toland, Jr.
Mr. Chad M. Tolleson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tollman
Mr. Michael George Tombari
Mr. Jay E. Tone III
Mr. Wade A. Tornyos
Mrs. Dixie Rice Towers
Mr. W. Allen Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Tracy
Mr. Christopher J. Tragakis
Mr. Quan B. Tran
Ms. Kristen J. Tredwell
Mr. David P. Tritle
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Tryforos
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turner
Mr. Robert J. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Tutwiler
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Z. Tyler III
U.S. Bancorp Foundation Inc.
United Way of Rhode Island
Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Upperco
Ms. Lourdes E. Valdes
Valero Energy Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Van Arsdall
Mr. Patrick L. Van Brunt
Mr. David B. van Roijen
Mrs. Elizabeth Kontomerkos Vancho
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Vetter
Ms. Ashley L. Vickers
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Viener III
Mr. Erik C. Vigsnes
Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Viosca, Jr.
Mr. Nicholas K. Vlahos
Mr. Lee K. Vorisek
Dr. and Mrs. Todd Votteler, Ph.D.
Ms. Alexis N. Vrotsos
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Walbert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Walker
John W. Wall and Shirley J. Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Walley
Mr. Benjamin M. Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Garth G. Walters
Mr. Wei Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wassermann
Thomas B. Waterman, Esq.
A Professional Law Corporation
Mrs. Janice Rodrigue Waterman
Mr. Thomas Waterman*
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson
Ms. Elena M. Watzke
Ms. Emily S. Waugh
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wechsler
Dr. James W. Smith and
Ms. Monica E. Wegmann
Mr. and Ms. Bill Wegner
Ms. Jacqueline G. Wegner
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan S. Weinberg
Rhett L. Weiss, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Earl Wendt
Mr. and Mrs. J. Parham Werlein, Jr.
Mr. Cornelius D. White, IV
Mr. S. Eric White, Jr.
Mr. Charles L. Whited, Jr.
Ms. Amanda B. Whiteman
Ms. Jeanie Whiting
Mrs. Margaret C. Whittaker
Dr. and Mrs. F. Brown Whittington
The Honorable Thomas C. Wicker, Jr.
Mr. Fitzhugh L. Wickham III
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Wieder
Ms. Kaitlin E. Wilkie
Mr. Bouvier B. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Williams
Randall L. Williams, Ph.D.
Mrs. Margaret Ward Willingham
James E. Willis, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. David W. B. Willse
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wink, Jr.
Mr. John H. Wittenberg
Mr. Robert L. Wolf
Mrs. Shannon Duncan Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Dean J. Wotawa
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wright Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wright
Ms. Fan Wu
Ms. Wan-Ju Wu
Ms. Yidi Wu
Mr. Kevin M. Wyllie
Mr. Yuchen Xiao
Ms. Xuan Xu
Mr. Zhaohui Xu
Ms. Bingzheng Yan
Ms. Xue Yang
Mr. Joel S. Yarmon
Mr. Richard N. Yelen
Mr. and Mrs. Marc J. Yellin
Steven and Sara Yerman
Michael T. Yest, Ph.D.
Mr. Yue You
Mr. Kai Yu
Ms. Jie Yuan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Zaiger
Mrs. Rachel Rhein Zarghami
Ms. Wendy Zeng
Ms. Zheng Zeng
Mr. Zhaoyang Gu and
Ms. Haihing Zhang
Ms. Liang Zhao
Ms. Kaiyan Zheng
Mr. and Mrs. James Zimmerman
Mr. Robert W. Zollinger
Mr. Yongqian Zou
Mr. Russell A. Zuppo
Mr. Daniel I. Zweben
Mr. Andrew M. Zwecker
Mr. Marc J. Zwerdling



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