Research: Selected Faculty Research

Michael J. Burke

Michael J. Burke, Lawrence Martin Chair in Business, recently had two papers accepted for publication. “The Development of Managerial Skills in MBA Programs: A Reconsideration of Learning Goals and Assessment Procedures,” co-authored with Otmar Varela, was accepted for publication in the Journal of Management Development and “The Staff Ride: An Approach to Qualitative Data Generation and Analysis,” co-authored with Wendy Becker, was accepted for publication in Organizational Research Methods.

Geoffrey Parker

Geoffrey Parker, professor of management science, published “Platform Envelopment” in the December 2011 issue of Strategic Management Journal. In the article, Parker and co-authors Marshall Van Alstyne and Thomas Eisenmann describe the “envelopment attack” strategy for platform-market entry, in which a provider in one platform market incorporates the functionality of a provider in another platform market into its own product to harness network effects across platform user bases. Apple’s iPhone/iPad platform, for example, envelops providers in a number of different platform markets, including personal digital assistants, handheld games and e-book readers. In the article, Parker and his colleagues analyze conditions under which envelopment attacks are likely to succeed.

Ira Solomon

Jaideep Shenoy, assistant professor of finance, had his paper “An Examination of the Efficiency, Foreclosure, and Collusion Rationales for Vertical Takeovers” accepted for publication in Management Science.

Ira Solomon, dean and Debra and Rick Rees Professor of Business, had his paper “The Joint Influence of the Extent and Nature of Audit Evidence, Materiality Thresholds, and Misstatement Type on Achieved Audit Risk,” co-authored with Mark Peecher and David Budescu, accepted for publication in Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.

Venkat Subramaniam

Venkat Subramaniam, associate professor of finance, contributed “Are there monitoring benefits to institutional ownership? Evidence from seasoned equity offerings” to the Journal of Corporate Finance, December 2011. The article was co-authored with Ilhan Demiralp, Ranjan D’Mello and Fred Schlingemann.

Harish Sujan

Harish Sujan, professor of marketing, is the author of two recently published articles. In September 2010, Sujan published “The Embedded Sales Force: Connecting Buying and Selling Organizations” in Marketing Letters. The article was co-authored with Bradford Kevin, Steven Brown, Shankar Ganesan, Gary Hunter, Vincent Onyemah, Robert Palmatier, Dominique Rouziès, Rosann Spiro and Barton Weitz. More recently, Sujan contributed “Salespeople’s Influence on Consumers’ and Business Buyers’ Goals and Well- Being” to The Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management. The book, edited by David W. Cravens, Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh and Nigel F. Percy, was published in March 2011 by Oxford University Press.

Carmen Weigelt

Carmen Weigelt, assistant professor of management, is the author of a forthcoming article in Strategic Management Journal. “Performance implications of outsourcing for technological innovations: managing the efficiency and adaptability trade-off,” co-authored with MB Sarkar, explores how increasing efficiency compromises adaptability when a firm outsources during the emergent stages of a technological innovation. Weigelt’s article will appear in February 2012. In addition, Weigelt’s paper “Leveraging Supplier Capabilities: The role of the Locus of Capability Deployment” was also accepted for publication in Strategic Management Journal.

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