Field Trip to Shell in Port Fouchon

TEC organized a field tour on March 19, 2015 for its members. Members got the opportunity to visit two different locations during the tour.

In the first half of the tour, the group visited the construction site of Bollinger Shipyards at Lockport, LA. The firm specializes in construction of ships, patrol vessels for UC Coast guard, and offshore supply vessels (OSV) for oil and gas exploration and production. The group was given a tour of the shipyard and was also able to meet the CEO of the firm, Ben Bordelon.

In later half, the group visited Shell’s Gulf of Mexico (GoM) operating site at Port Fourchon, LA. Shell supports around 25 offshore assets with 60 vessels from Port Fourchon. The group was provided with an understanding of Shell’s logistics operations from GoM and a guided driving tour of the Shell facilities as well as Port Fourchon. The group had lunch provided by Shell at their facility. The group was very appreciative of the learning and networking opportunity they received during the tour.

TEC would like to thank both the firms for providing an excellent learning opportunity to its members. TEC is extremely grateful to Kate Mick, TEC president of last year and currently working with Shell, for being the contact person in both organizations and for her personal involvement in making this tour happen.

Shyamal Mandirwala
VP of Education – Tulane Energy Club

Field Trip to Shell in Port Fourchon

Call for Nominations!


The Tulane Energy club will begin accepting nominations for leadership positions for next year starting this Sunday. The nomination period will open up on Sunday, 3/15 at 8am and close on Wednesday, 3/18 at 6pm. You may nominate yourself and you may nominate yourself for more than one position if you so choose. The requirements are that you must be a current TEC member and you must be a student for both semesters in academic year 2015-2016 (i.e. August 2015- August 2016). Also, you must send a picture and write a short paragraph about why you would be good for the position.

Link for nominations:

 Elections will subsequently be held electronically from March 19 – 23.

Open positions:

  •  President: shall run Executive Board meetings, coordinate all the Tulane Energy Club activities in line with the club’s mission, and represent the organization to the greater Tulane community.
  •  Vice-President: shall serve in the President’s absence and assist the President with the coordination of Tulane Energy Club activities.
  •  VP of Administration: shall keep a record of all Executive Board decisions, ensure the timely completion of actions, and disseminate communications to the Tulane Energy Club membership.
  •  VP of Finance: shall record and manage all Tulane Energy Club finances.
  •  VP of Education: Shall liaise with energy professionals for speaking engagements, Shall liaise with Energy Institute for speaker engagements
  •  VP of Student Affairs: Shall set up any social events that enhance members standing in the energy community, Shall support networking activities as necessary, Shall provide members to access for any SPE, YPE, or other industry group events in the area


Save the Date: Field Trip on March 19

Dear TEC Members,

We have the date fixed for our field trip to Shell’s facility in Port Fourchon , LA. Date is Thursday, March 19.  We will need to leave between 7-8 AM since the drive is around 2.5 hours each way and we will probably need 3 hours for the tour.

So, please RSVP for the event soon as you can because we have limited space. We will assign spots on a first come first serve basis. Please follow the link below to RSVP.

Further details will be given soon as we have a final count.


Energy Alumni Panel on October 23,2014


Tulane Energy CLub’s alumni panel was conducted on October 23, 2014 in GW2 at Freeman School of Business. It was organised to facilitate learning from recent young alums from the energy industry here in New Orleans.

We thank following alumni for being part of the alumni panel and sharing their journey with TEC members.

– Kate Mick, who works at Logistics Department at Shell in New Orleans. She was the TEC president for last year.

– Richard Yancey, who works at  the Finance Department at LLOG in Covington.

– Susan Mickey, who works at the Freeman school CMC .

We had a great turnout from TEC members, who asked questions about interviewing, networking, and early career development.

Pictures from the event: