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Archive for August, 2010

Consulting Jobs “Under Rocks”

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Cambridge Associates. Just like those Burkenroad companies you are following, they are a great career “investment” that you may not have heard of.

Cambridge is a financial consulting firm specializing in non-profit, university and hospital clients, and they are one of the biggest in the biz. Perfect for our community service-minded Tulanians. They are headquartered in Boston but have offices in Arlington, VA and some other great U.S. and international cities.

Undergrads and MFINs who are doing Burkenroad, check out the Consulting Associates program. It offers a mix of client interaction with lots of analytics and research.

MBAs and candidates with prior work experience, look for a variety of experienced Consultants roles. Again, Burkenroad candidates are a natural fit. These roles demand a higher level of research, less analysis, more client interface and top presentation skills.

A word of advice direct from a Cambridge consultant

… On Resumes

Your resume should tell a story!

  • - What are your interests
  • - How have you pursued them
  • - What have you achieved in those pursuits?

… On informational interviews

  • - Do your research! Review the company web site prior to the conversation and be prepared with questions/comments accordingly
  • - Make the ask! Be assertive yet polite and don’t be afraid to ask “Will you put my resume in for consideration for xyz opportunity?”

General Management Opp in Boston

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Are you an MBA interested in general management in Boston? Read on.

Liberty Mutual is one of the major players here (and nationally!) and they have a rotational leadership development program for exceptional MBAs with 3 – 5 years related business experience and a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Apply HERE, and look for the postings to come on Freeman Link. It’s a great program with infinite potential for a rewarding career with a solid company.

What’s up next?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Fall 2010

Freeman CMC is heading to Boston next week to meet with such awesome companies as Liberty Mutual, Fidelity and John Hancock! Watch for my posts from the road.

After Boston, my travels may be taking me to such exciting locales as…

  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Arkansas (various cities… Stephens Financial, Murphy Oil, Tyson, Wal-Mart, Dillards are headquartered in lovely Arkansas!)
  • Louisville

I invite your feedback on other cities that are important to you or companies in these cities you would like me to reach out to!


Name this blog!… and win great prizes!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Kara’s Corner…

Heard on The Street…

Word on The Street…

The Freeman Insider…

On the Road Again…

These are just a few of the ideas that have been tossed around, but none of them has really captured the essence of the CMCs new resource for recruiter feedback direct from inside the places you want to work. NAME THIS BLOG by posting your name recommendation (limit three per participant!) as a comment.

Suggestions should be posted no later than Friday, September 3!

Finalists will earn some cool Freeman School shwag and the crowned winner will get a gift certificate to a great local restaurant (in addition to cool Freeman shwag!).

Show me what ya got, Freeman!

What’s hot in Houston?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Houston – August 2010

What’s hot in Houston? The weather. And also the job market. The theme of this trip was “experienced hires!” so if you are an MBA or alumnus with prior work experience in the Energy industry, stay tuned. If you are not, stay tuned to the Freeman Days Web site (www.freemandays.com) and my posts from my next visit to Houston in September for opportunities for entry-level hires.

Shell Trading. That’s right…. I FINALLY got in to see a recruiter with the elusive Shell Trading and his buzz word was “EXPERIENCE.” Namely, a proven track record of 5 – 7 years of money-making experience in Energy Trading. Does this describe you? Let me know your name and I will send him your resume from Freeman Link! Attention ALL MBAs: look for Scheduler positions with Shell Trading on Freeman link in the coming days. This recruiter thinks it is a great foot in the door in Energy Trading for MBAs.

AEG is a consultancy specializing in the de-regulated electricity markets. Though they only hire folks with very extensive (7+ years) experience in this sector… they gave me an education that can benefit anyone at any level pursuing a career in this industry segment. Ever thought about a job with such entities as Suez Energy, Centerpoint, Gexa, Direct Energy, Reliant, TXU? Or any producer, transmitter or retail provider of power in TX, CA, IL, DC, NY, ME, MA, CT, NJ, PA, MD or DE? If so, you could benefit from a better understanding of the deregulated electricity markets and how they work. Each of these states is “de-reg” and each of these companies, and many more, exist in the de-reg sector. An overall understanding of it is paramount to pursuing a job in it! See your career counselor and search the Web for more insights on the topic. Basically, the de-reg markets are those in which power companies have to compete for business. Imagine how this competition, and the subsequent negotiations among providers and consumers, effects the economics of electricity for residential and commercial customers! Feeling jazzed about this information? Then maybe a de-reg career is right for you. Stay tuned.

GDF Suez is one of the world’s largest players in the power business and has a variety of business channels, including generation (production) and retail provision of electric power. “What did she say?!” Simply put, they produce as well as sell electricity. And they own and transport liquid natural gas. And a bunch of other things. They are a multinational corporation! Right now, their entry-level hiring is frozen but their … you guessed it … experienced-level hiring is on fire. Apply online for a host of great jobs in the LNG and other divisions: http://www.gdfsuez.com/en/careers/join-us/job-offers/job-offers/  This company is always growing and are very excited that I called on them because their hiring needs will grow with them. They like what they’ve seen from the Freeman School in the past, and as they grow, so will your opportunities for career placements with them at all levels.

-Kara Schonberg

More great insider feedback from Chi-town

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Chicago – July 2010

William Blair, an investment banking and asset management firm founded in 1935, has a solid reputation, a stellar success record, and – most importantly for you – a competitive Analyst program. A Freeman School alum who works there has very graciously, since our meeting, agreed to come to campus this fall to recruit for the program. This on-campus recruiting effort is a big win for us with a top-notch investment bank. Though they are coming to hire BSMs, they will allow MBAs at their information session and hopefully our stellar MBA candidates will compel them to spread the word back at the home office that they should recruit MBAs here for the even more competitive Associates program as well!

JP Morgan Chase expressed an interest in using all our Freeman Days events to recruit for their Credit Analyst Program company-wide! Watch Freeman Link for details.

Spot Trading is a top prop shop that will be hosting a first-ever VIRTUAL recruiting event on September 22nd. The CIO will be Skyped into a Freeman School classroom for a presentation and q&a session, followed by interviews with any qualified candidates who shine in the q &a setting. MBAs, I am working hard for you, but this is another employer who strongly prefers to see undergrads. Show up anyway and let them know why they should recruit our MBAs as well.

Merrill Lynch has great unpaid summer internships for Chicago-area students. Even though it is unpaid, they get so many applicants every year that they never have to post or advertise the opportunity. The great candidates come to them through their Web site by the hundreds for just a few coveted spots… and academic credit (does that sweeten the pot?!).  The man who selects these lucky interns says the phone interview is where he does the weeding out of candidates who are not a fit. He asks the tough questions and sees how you think on your feet. Do you know the answer? Maybe not. But it is how you handle yourself that counts. “You’ve got to be able to take a punch if you’re going to cut it in this environment,” he says. If you get a phone interview with Merrill Lynch Chicago in Private Wealth Management or Private Banking and Investments, get ready to take a few punches before advancing to the next level.

Geneva Trading will post with us for their next trader training class next year. They look for a tech/programming background as well. They specialize in “Grey Box” or partially automated trading… similar to Black Box, which is fully automated. Learn more about it before applying when the posts come through on Freeman Link this year!

True Partners Consulting wants access to our MACCNT candidates early in their career for their “Shadow Program,” which feeds into their busy-season internship program. They want to capture the very best candidates during Freshman and Sophomore years to  bring them into the fold for a long, happy career with a great firm. Culturally more laid back than the Big 4, this is a hot prospect for our young MACCNT who are looking at Illinois. Talk to Shannon Fazande in the career center for more info.

So you want to be a Trader?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Windy City – July 2010

In Chicago, opportunities in finance—and, in particular, trading—abound. But the scene is considerably different from that in the other beloved and well known financial hub to the east and our Western energy finance sister in the south. Chicago is a hotbed of proprietary trading shops, which are by natures self-funded… in many cases, directly out of the founder’s bank account. The money they are trading belongs to the guy sitting just down the desk. What does this mean to Tulane students? Prop shop proprietors often like to hire young talent and train them on their own unique trading methods. So entry-level opportunities are more feasible than at some of the oil and gas companies who prefer traders with a solid track record of money-making experience.

Webster Capital hired a Freeman School grad for an internship after the Trading Competition last fall and that Freeman grad is now trading real money on the real desk. The founder’s philosophy is that the only way to learn is to just start trading… sink or swim. Once you can prove that you are a capable ‘swimmer,’ then and only then do you start to be compensated.

Aardvark Trading, on the other hand, puts candidates through a rigorous four-phase interview process and the lucky few who make it through get six months of on-the-job training before they ever pull the trigger on any real trades. A competitive salary plus bonus on your profits is offered. Only the best of the best make the cut.

One thing all the trading shops I met with have in common: a TECH background is preferred. Even if it is just recreational. Are you a gamer? Put it on your resume! A demonstrated passion for or experience with technology, programming, etc. is important. The electronic trading algorithms component of our advanced trading class will a good conversation starter as well.

The moral of the story: even in the same city and the same industry niche, the hiring process and preferences can vary widely. Do your research and consult the CMC before you enter a conversation. “I want to be a trader so I can make a lot of money” just doesn’t cut it. Do your research and know the process before you start the discussion.


Welcome to my blog!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

On a recent corporate outreach trip to Minneapolis, MN, I met with a vice president and hiring manager at Wells Fargo. Over the course of our conversation, he explained to me that he will instantaneously either dismiss or consider a candidate based on the quality and appearance of his or her shoes. That’s right, people. Your shoes and their level of shine, polish and appropriateness for your outfit will make you or break you in an interview with this vice president from Wells Fargo. YOUR SHOES!

And I thought to myself…. “Now, how can we get just this kind of very specific real-world feedback into the hands of Freeman students!?” Thus, this blog was born.

I travel the country, talking with recruiters, alumni and hiring managers and engaging them in recruiting from the Freeman School. In the course of these adventures, I pick up a lot of very interesting tidbits, feedback, information, job leads, and juicy insider stuff.

You can find it all right here.

Welcome… and enjoy!

-Kara Schonberg

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