What was your favorite class at the Freeman School?

Mike Hogg

Mike Hogg

Business Statistics with Russ Robins. Financial Accounting with Beau Parent. Financial Management with Bill Reese. Business Law with Mike Hogg.

These are some of the classes that alums cite again and again as among their favorites at the Freeman School, but there are many other courses that have made an impact in students’ lives. For this week’s Question of the Week, we’d like to know what your favorite class was at the Freeman School and why? Did it help you in your first job? Does it continue to help you in your current job? Was it the material your learned or the personality of the professor? Tell us what class meant the most to you in the comments section below. The best answer we receive in the comments section will receive a Freeman Centennial T-shirt!

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  1. Cody Anderson says:

    2 Words: Burkenroad. Reports. Professor Ricchiutti was one of the most engaging, passionate, & hilarious professors I had the pleasure of learning from. More importantly, that class basically got me my job!

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