Name the 1982-83 Faculty Members

We recently stumbled across a 1982-83 MBA Program Catalog that included photos and bios of each of the business school’s faculty members at the time. We thought it would be fun to see who out there remembers —and can recognize — some of the Freeman faces from 30 years ago. (Hint: At least three are still on the B-school faculty!)

Post the names of the faculty members you recognize in the comments section, and we’ll add the photo captions as we go.


Beau Parent


Soliman Soliman


Ken Boudreaux


Jerry Watzke


Ed Strong


Frank Jaster


Jeffery Barach


Larry Arnold


Victor Cook


James Linn


Jim Murphy


Daniel Killeen


Robert C. Dailey


Meyer Feldberg


Bill Mindak


David Harvey


Seymour Goodman


Stuart Wood


Irving LaValle


Bernie Capella


Hugh Long


Walter Burnett

1982-83-Faculty-012 1982-83-Faculty-015 1982-83-Faculty-017 1982-83-Faculty-018 1982-83-Faculty-021 1982-83-Faculty-023







  1. Beau Parent!

  2. Yes, that’s a start! Wearing the striped golf shirt is none other than Beau Parent, who in 1982 had been teaching at the Freeman School for just five years.

  3. Is that Soliman Soliman without the beard???

  4. Freeman School says:

    You’re two for two, Mike.

  5. I think that might be Ken Boudreaux with the white pants and foot on the chair.

  6. Scott Hecker says:

    Ed Strong with the pipe , Jerry Watzke in the suit and glasses , Frank Jaster in the glasses hold ing the cup.

  7. Freeman School says:

    Thanks, Cameron and Scott! You got ‘em. Okay, that’s six down, 22 to go!

  8. How about 1) Dr. Jeffrey Barrach (directly under Beau Parent); 2) Dr. Larry Arnold (next to him); 3) Prof. Victor Cook (4 down on the right); 4) Prof. Linn 9 down on the right); 5) Prof. Murphy (last row 14 down on the left); and I want to say 6) Prof. Tim Daily (5 down on left).

  9. Guy Brierre says:

    I see Dr. Danny Killeen, still a great friend

  10. Freeman School says:

    WordPress seems to display images in different places in different browsers, but I think I’ve got everybody submitted ID’ed. (If you recognize any more, post what they’re wearing instead of where they are on your screen!)

    (And Prof. Dailey’s first name is Robert, not Tim.)

    Keep ‘em coming!

  11. John Gitelman says:

    JJ Lin, John Elstrott, Slick Vick the Marketing…Cook, the last picture is killing me. He was an ad/marketing guy. I can’t believe I forget his name. He taught how to write positioning statements, and I have never forgotten how, to this day.

  12. solimon y. solimon, victor cook, david harvey, jeffrey barach, stuart wood, seymor goodwin, frank Jaster, watski

  13. Last pic is Bill Mindak

    Fitted striped shirt with white collar is our dean, Meyer Feldberg who also taught a marketing class- “how to raise loads of money for a new buildIng”

  14. Freeman School says:

    Thanks for all the great responses! Actually Elstrott is not in this group (I think he might have been in the economics department at the time) but other than that you guys are nailing it. Seven to go. Do you guys need some hints?

  15. Is the gentleman with the beard Walter Burnett?

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